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Friday, July 12, 2002

Mutant Smartbombs

Avigen's successfully modifying the genetic structure of adults on a regular basis now. Their modifications are minor, surgical gene vectors for curing specific diseases, but I've signed up for the "shoot lasers from my eyes" - mutant clinical trial.

The World Future Society is having a conference next week. I'm going to look for transhumanist socialists, but all I'll probably find is a bunch of flaky, liberal neo-utopianists. Whatever.

Spamcop has saved me from having to slog through spam all day. So now I have more time to get my remorted dual-class Monk/Cleric up to third-tier at Devil's Lament. But, I'll probably get sick of it before then.

I keep buying stock as it goes down. I think we finally hit bottom. I bought Lucent again at $2.10, and Worldcom at 0.10. I mean, we all still need phone lines and Internet connections, right? Even though it's clear that our warmonger administration will be pumping billions into the defense industry, I can't, in good faith, help prop up the purchase of these high-tech toys that clearly present us with no military advantage in a war on terrorism.

Speaking of the war on terrorism, I think it's clear that anyone who is steeped in absolute poverty and starvation will swiftly learn to hate the idle wealthy Americans. Every terrorist act has been committed by poor people. It's not just radical religious groups. It's basically anyone who works hard all week long and is still so poor that they can't afford to eat properly, or has to live in a box or something. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to find people willing to tie bombs to their bellies - in a world without extreme poverty. Check out the movie War Photographer for some perspective on exactly why people around this world will continue to hate us, regardless of how many smartbombs we drop on them.


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