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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Viva la Revolucion

Thought about creating an info virus to spawn technocratic meritocracy - who hasn't? But this one, currently making the rounds, doesn't seem to be it.


Search term pairs don't show any correlated sites. You try writing a noncomputer virus. Must appeal to sex/religion no? What do they have in common? Death (or fear of it!) This one doesn't - so I'm assuming it's a trojan/virus prop, rather than info prop.

"We do not promise to free you from death through propagation or power or imaginary visions of utopia. We only can deliver immortality the long, slow hard way - through personal and popular investment."

"Our current vision is of immortality through humility and sacrifice. The power of 6 billion souls united can do more than just split atoms! We can reconstruct our collective vision of humanity in order to progress towards a common goal of personal excellence and maximum achievement."

"Faith is a dirty word. It means you aren't using your mind. Prop that? Not bloody likely in the current climate of dogmatic leadership and blind belief.

Perhaps technocratic separatism and war is the only final solution.

Against who? All who try to stop us.
Who are we? Everyone who does not belive.
Am I one of you? If you don't know the answer, then the answer is yes.
What weapon do we use? Their own against them. (We're not warriors!)

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