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Friday, August 09, 2002

DiMAGE Dancing Dogs

Today's quick rundown, because it's phenomenally late. In reverse order, since that's how memory works (IMHO):

- Wrote a 'bot in tintin to hunt and farm mobs in my MUD. Takes tedium out of some of the middle levels!
- We all went to Blue Ribbon Sushi and ate some fermented soybean that tasted like garbage. Forgot the name of it, but a quick search on Google for "fermented soybean garbage" turned up the result: Natto. It's Japanese for "old soy trash". I took pictures of the chefs with my new, fancy, DiMAGE.
- Went to that trendy lounge with all the red velvet with no name in the Village. Which one? The one on Sullivan and Spring. Which one on that corner? I don't remember. Did you know that you can't have people dancing in a New York bar without a cabaret license. These are supposedly harder to get than a liquor license. We had fun counting people. I took a picture of six people dancing. Anyway, the point is, you know you live in a fucked up world when the government requires you to have a license to dance.
- The darn UV filter got stuck on my camera. I spent a while trying to remove it and then searched for "filter ring stuck remove" on Google. Guess what. The #1 link told me to take of my shoe. And I did. And it worked like a charm.
- At my suggestion, the ilectric guy took out ads for members. It's nice.
- Spent a crappy day at work patching code that I broke while adding features that no one will use, but our biggest client swears they need. Made me want to bite someone. Did you know that a deep bite from a human is more likely to get infected than a deep bite from a dog?
- Took pictures of tourists taking pictures and buying "tragedy tchochkes" at the World Trade Center. Hey... new catch phrase.
- Took pictures of my office, and one of my foot.

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