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Friday, August 16, 2002

RIAA Ice Age

Got a picture of the new World Trade Center Cross memorial thing. Will get a closeup soon.

Also, I used to send a letter to my congressman about the RIAA.

Activist Mode:

Internet Radio is not Napster, it's legal. It's just regular radio, with a DJ, etc, broadcasted over the Internet. And all they are asking for is to pay the same/similar rate as traditional radio stations. It's actually much easier to record songs off a regular radio station than IR - that's not even an issue in the debate. The more I think about it, the more it's clear that an antitrust investigation against the RIAA is in order. Big radio is losing listeners to places like Shoutcast, and they probably have a lot of connections with the RIAA.

Some links on how to help save Internet Radio: - info site. - free autofax your elected rep. and ask them to vote for the Internet Radio Fairness Act. - general site for helping you keep in touch with your elected reps. They won't represent you if they don't know your opinions on these issues.

It looks like global warming is more likely to plunge us into an ice age, than to "heat things up". This has been talked about for years, but some scientists see signs of it happening. I like to think of it this way: The earth's climate is a steady state chaotic system. There are powerful feedback systems that counteract linear climate shifts - and keep the earth in a steady state. When there's too much heat, water evaporates and cools things off. When there's too much CO2, plants bloom and generate oxygen. So when we quickly shift the earth towards warmth with our CO2 emissions, it's bound to snap back - and get cold.

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