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Sunday, August 11, 2002

WTC Spam

I took an interesting set of shots of my daily commute past the throngs of disaster tourists at the WTC, and posted them here. Yes, it's really crowded and creepy like that downtown every day. Yes, that's really the view from my office. I have some shots from when it was much worse, and we had to wear masks. You could see bodies being pulled out, if you didn't mind risking your sanity. In the interests of not being a jerk, I'm not going to publish those. The last few pages after the WTC were shots from around town, upstate, etc.

I used a thumbnail maker from It works... but I'd like a few more options. The DiMAGE takes ludicrously hi-rez images by default. I need a better utility for making them web-friendly (not so big), for the zoom. Looked around for a while. It would suck if I had to write one! Email me if you know of any (

Obligatory spam rant:

Why didn't I make that email address (above) a link, or use the "@" sign? Because spammers run programs which troll the web looking for email addresses.

These people don't realize they are simply ruining the internet as something people use, and are inspiring millions of decent, paying consumers to leave the internet. If you know anyone who sends SPAM a.k.a. UCE, a good investment would be a baseball bat. When a few of them start losing kneecaps, mabe the others will will stop their destructive habits.

I run a large network for a living, and I own it. Spammers personally cost me a lot of money, time and sweat. I have had to work harder, and longer hours because of them, sometimes staying overnight at the office defending myself from "mail bombs". I cannot forgive them the lost time taken from my life, and neither should anyone else.

The best thing to do is call your ISP and insist that they use SPAM filtering software on their entire network, such as or Blame your ISP for not taking action, since you are personally not in a position to stop it from getting to your mailbox. Earthlink does it. So should everyone else. It's no longer an "option".


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