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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Drunken talking harp

Picked up a harmonica in some town upstate that's famous for blues. Used to get started for the last week. Blues rules. Just bought a nicer harp from - my cheap Bluesband's detuning quickly from my over-bending the 3-draw. Beginner's troubles. I don't remember the town I was in, or how I got there. Maybe I should stop drinking. I decided alchohol is the most evil drug of all. I've tried most, from cigarettes and heroin to LSD and coke, and alchohol is the only one that can get under my skin. I'm swearing off the sauce for a month, at least.

Took my best set of WTC pics so far. I especially like the bomb-squad van, the floodlights, and the shot of Bloomberg talking to some news-chick (even if it is the back of his head). You can see how nice the news-makeup makes people look on camera.

Seven Samurai is an incredible film, modern in many ways, watchable yet artful, and filmed in 1954. The Film Forum is a great place to see it on the big screen for the next few weeks.

I talked to the "talk to me" kids last week. Bill and Liz. They are smart and fun to talk to. I agree with the idealism, and it's a great experiment. I'd like to stalk'em and find out if they rent hotels from time to time. According to them they are on a $7/day budget and they live in tents on rooftops. While I was there, there was a guy making annoying sexual remarks. A NYSE trader then suddenly trooped up, looked Bill in the eye, and said "I have 10 seconds, and I'd like you tell me what this is about." 9 1/2 seconds later he politely, but quickly, excused himself and left. A short-cut-blonde woman in a business suit with sad eyes gave them $20, and refused to take no for an answer (they kept refusing to take it). It's definitely interesting to sit with them, I highly recommend it. Here's a decent article on them. Can't find the nytimes one because I don't have a subscription to the site.

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