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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Ounce of prevention?

Long-term studies are expensive, but what if preventative therapy is the only cure to some tough illnesses? Our current focus on magic-bullet drugs may be preventing medical science from cracking problems like Alzheimbers, AIDS, and cancer.

Organisms with heightened levels of SOD live longer and are less likely to get cancer. Gene therapy which increases levels of EC-SOD are well tolerated in people. But it's only given in low-doses to angioplasty patients. If you wanted it just "for your own health", you couldn't get it. IDEA: Conduct a long-term effects study on SOD, as a cancer vaccine.

Telomerized cells live forever, however there's never been any whole-organism studies to possibly reduce lifelong genetic damage. IDEA: Telomerize embryos to study the effects on aging?

Non-embryonic stem cell replacement therapy works well to repair tissue damage. IDEA: Stem-cell or stimulated neurogenesis as a vaccine for Alzhemers.


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