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Monday, September 23, 2002

Solar Terrorism

Eat enough of the same stew, no matter how tasty it was, and you'll get sick of it.

The best thing any American can do for his country right now is go out and get a Wind Generator or a Solar Generator. Cutting down on energy use means less money spent on oil, which means less money pouring into the Middle East and into the weapons that keep them in power and keep them dangerous. Nice site with research on the oil/gas email you may have gotten. The conclusion is the same, it's not where you buy gas from ... it's how much. If you're pro-America, then you're anti-SUV.

We all seemed to be getting somewhere, technology and marketplaces were leaping ahead and new things were right round the corner, promising cures to cancer, longer healthier lives, better education for children. Now it's like we took a step back 12 years, and we're watching the Persian Gulf War on TV, feeling completely detached and wondering why we're doing this and what it's all about. Deep down we know it has something to do with Texas and oil, but we're not really sure exactly what that relationship is. Conspiracy theorists all speak in gibberish, and CNN/FOX skip over any investigative journalism, sticking to whitehouse press releases.

The whole thing stinks. I hope we don't have to wait 12 years to get back to where we were.

Someone bought put options on airlines just before the attack on the WTC - this was reported on CNN. The results of the investigation are apparently being suppressed. There's a possible connection to the CIA.

John O'Neill quit as director of the FBI two weeks before Sept. 11th because of they were "obstructing his investigation into Al Qaeda". He died in the WTC - even though he was on the ground floor.

There's more and more of this coming out every week. Can't we just impeach him and get it over with?

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