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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Accelerating China

Regarding the law of accelerating returns.

Genetic engineering for increased intelligence is possible today, and has been for several years. It has reached only ethical barriers. This is a normal hurdle with any major technology change. This will be the foundation of the information processing boom of the near future.

Researchers found that GE engineered "smart" mice had an increased sensitivity to chronic pain - and they thought that this was a "problem" with the procedure. They failed, however, to remeber that smarter people are also more sensitive to chronic pain and abuse. This is a natural consequence of increased intelligence and memory, not some genetic misstep. One solution that intelligent people have found to reduce the debilitating effects of chronic abuse is imbibing every day, killing brain cells, until they're stupid enough to be happy.

Nevertheless, GE will probably be used to increase intelligence within the next 5 years. Countries, such as China, who have less of a cultural barrier to the idea of genetic modification will be the early beneficiaries of this paradigm shift, and may become world leaders in science as a result.


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