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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Iraqi Clones

Spent the better part of last night at Lemon sipping Jameson on the rocks waiting for a phone call which finally came.

Spoke with a taxicab driver about The Hidden War, a movie about the formation of the terrorist cells by the relatives of families killed by U.S. weapons sold during the Iran Contra scandal, and in the Persian Gulf War. Note to would-be terrorists: killing U.S. citizens in liberal left-wing cities doesn't help your cause. Your violent actions merely give power to the same right wing U.S. extremists that caused the death of your families.

ACT, Inc. managed to produce true, viable cloned embryonic stem cells. These cells have been used in various regenerative therapies, including restoring brain function to people whose brains have been lesioned. In fact, it appears that these cells can simply be injected, restoring various youthful attributes of the recipient. So, where can I get some?

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