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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Economical Pig Cameras

Went to The Elephant a few months ago, got my nice camera stolen. Even though I know it's completely not their fault, and loved the food, I still can't go back there. Oh well. So I was pissed off. I decided to punish myself by not buying a new one, until today. Bought the opposite of my old one, an S230. Maybe I'll keep it in my pocket, instead of hanging it on a chair like an idiot.

In the meantime, I've completely ignored the War news. I know that it was absolutely necessary to maintain our interests in the Middle East, or we would have been held hostage by the oil cartels. It's just hard to root for the home team after you find out they've been cheating. Even if the other side would have, probably, done it too. See this movie - it's only about a half-hour. Then go see LOTR, or Adaptation, or whatever else floats it.

Chrismas sales are crappy. My father proposed a theory that the retail economy won't start coming back until after the real estate market gets hit, and landlords lower prices. The idea is that lowered real estate prices will fuel new businesses. It's microcosmic, but I still like it.

And so, instead of using human stem cells, researchers are using pig stem-cells instead to grow new kidneys for people. Oink! The idea of genetic drift is amusing. If it comes down to needing a kidney transplant, I'll have mine grown in China - with human cells. Another solution has been simply renaming the procedure, so we can catch up. I agree with that. I mean, it's not like we're making copies of people.


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