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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

OUCH! Opaserv

The opaserv worm recently spread to about 70,000 hosts, and guess what, I know who they all are. That's because the writer of the virus used a domain name pointed at a server that I administrate. Suffice to say that the traffic generated by those 70,000 infected hosts did manage to slow our site down for an hour or so, until we got a good filter in place. About 100,000 of our clients were affected by the slowdowns.

This is on the heels of about a dozen spam attacks against our servers, and the SQL slammer attack last weekend that is *still* trying dozens of times each second, from hosts around the word, to infect our windows boxes.

On top of that my dad's site is having problems. (To be perfectly honest, that's way more annoying than all the worms and viruses put together....)


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