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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Bush is digging his own grave

[Verified then ripped from]


... is what the US Government says is a gas centrifuge used for processing nuclear fuel for reactors and warheads. It was found buried under a rosebush in Iraq, supposedly for 12 years.

And THIS...

Is an actual complete gas centrifuge facility in the United States, covering 750 acres. There is a good reason for the size.

It takes hundreds of gas centrifuges, shown left, to produce miniscule amounts of uranium 235.

Facilities for producing uranium 235 for power reactors or weapons are therefore huge. A single gas centrifuge is useless except for laboratory experiments involving microscopic amounts of materials, and is used in thousands of experiments, besides producing nuclear fuel.

I can't believe the average American doesn't believe their being screwed with at this point. The forged documents and lame excuses are embarassing. We went to war with Iraq because they were a "Clear and present danger" to the United States. They had no air force, no nukes, no missiles, no real army.

The truth is that they were simply a poor nation, with a crappy tyrant that was starving under unjustified U.N. sanctions. This war with them was expensive and bizzare, and we will be paying for it with fewer jobs and longer work hours for many, many years. Only military contractors, Halburton, and few of Bush's good buddies will profit. And many, many Americans died for this. It's a sickness. And it's only going to get worse before it gets better.


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