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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The next big attack on America

With all the recent pressure on the neo-conservative administration, including calls for presidential impeachment, it would be in the party's best interests for there to be renewed violence to protect us from. The problem is that it can't be a Muslim terrorist again - since Bush will be blamed for causing it. It can't be in Iraq or Iran, or it will fuel the belief that we caused more harm than good in that region. It could, however, come from Korea. Recent troop movements and political maneuverings suggest that we may be antagonizing them into a conflagration and, of course, Bush's re-election. I only hope that this next attack isn't as bad as the last one.

Also, at first I was really surprised that the Bush administration hadn't just planted some nukes in Iraq to make their case. Easy enough. But, then, the truth dawned on me... maybe they already did - and then later they lost them. The incompetence would be consistent. But if they lost them, who has them? Hopefully we don't have to find out the hard way.

[Added 6/23/03] Apparently someone else thought of this too.


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