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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Shocking Second Round of GOP Voting Fraud

After cooking the books in Florida, good ol' Jeb and Kathy have had the balls to finanace an electronic voting system and have already used it to modify the results of elections. If you see one of these machines, DO NOT USE IT, instead, cast your vote with an absentee/paper ballot.

Can anyone stop them? We need a broad effort to understand the code, crack it, and prove how it's being used to screw with elections. I'm downloading the source code, cracking some passwords and compiling some of the projects. It's both an effort to understand it better, and a way to safeguard the original.

Several sites hosting this code were unexpectedly terminated by their providers because of "copyright law". Since I own an ISP, I'm going to see how hard they push, and fill you all in on what happens.


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