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Saturday, September 13, 2003

My letter to the DNC (Democratic National Committe)

Dear Terry McAuliffe,

I find it sad that the Democratic Party still backs plurality voting in it's primaries. They are, purportedly, a liberal party and a party for the people.

I am thinking about voting for "Kucinich and Dean and Kerry".

However, because of your pluralist voting system, I will be forced to just vote for Dean.

We will be petitioning and demanding election reform in 2004 outside of each of your debates and we will be demanding reform of your policies.

Hope to see you there!

There is no excuse to wait for Approval voting, since it requires no change of ballot technology. If you know of anyone that I can speak to about this, personally, I would be delighted to have a discussion behind closed doors.

Erik Aronesty
Americans for Approval Voting

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