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Sunday, October 05, 2003

A voting system we can "approve" of

Currently, we have a two-party system where the only choice is between fake-liberal crooks and phony conservatives who are out to spend all our money to finance manufactured wars.

Recently, articles on approval voting have been cropping up on campus as political theorists start to think about solving some of the sticky problems with elections.

Grad Student Explores New Voting Options
[Cornell Daily Sun - Sep 29, 2003] IRV and Approval Voting go head to head in a search for a true majority-elected president.

Votive Offering: How to Have Your Election Cake and Eat It Too
[The MIT Tech, MA - Sep 30, 2003] This time, citizens may be able to vote their sincere preferences. Approval voting gets closer to Condorcet results, in the simplest way.

Theme year speaker examines electoral system
[Wake Forest University Student Newspaper, NC - Sep 18, 2003] Approval voting, would help remove strategy from elections, allowing voters to vote for as many candidates as they approve of.

Of course, try getting a representative, elected under the currenty system, to come out in favor of a new one. If any voting reform is to be possible, it will have to be a true grassroots movement.

Citizens for approval voting is trying to do just that. They are a grassroots organization who is putting pressure on politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, to change our outdated voting system to one that's proven to better capture and count our political preferences.


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