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Friday, December 12, 2003

Miami Herald is Jeb Bush propaganda machine

I failed to mention one thing I noticed. The Miami Herald is a pro-Bush propaganda machine masquerading as a newspaper.

When they reported on George Bush's Haliburton sweetheart deal, they say "it's OK to for Haliburton to buy gas at $2.50/gallon and sell it at 5 cents per gallon in Iraq, even though you can buy it directly from other Kuwaiti suppliers at $1.05/gallon, because it's expensive to ship gas in Iraq" Sure, but why is it more expensive for some Kuwaiti suppliers, namely Zapata oil, a Bush-family enterprise, and not others?

The paper spends its time making excuses for Republican pork while attacking Democrats on every issue.

Their new tactic is to attack Howard Dean every day in nearly every article about him. Fortunately most people I talked to down there seem to think Dean's good for Florida. "We need someone who's not a Washington insider", said the Puerto-Rican restaurant owner I spoke to. "I haven't listened to Dean speak, but I'd vote for anyone besides Bush", was the response from the doorman.

In fact, I couldn't find someone who would actually come out and endorse Bush, or say anything good about him at all. The best I got was "I haven't made my mind up yet" from a few people. Maybe it's the people I hang out with.... but still.


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