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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Trip to Miami Beach

Rented a convertible to make up for the fact that I had free lodging. The back bar at the Shore Club is beautiful. My advice: have a drink and hang out there even if you aren't staying at the hotel. Bed is pretty, but is, ultimately, just another place for young people to primp themselves up and spend too much on drinks. Which is not what I was doing there. Really. Highlight dinner was at Thai Toni where the food is creative and delicious. Plus I learned what bamboo fish traps look like!

Got my dad to try Bikram Yoga. The report is in: he didn't snore last night for the first time in years. New marketing angle for Bikram?

I nicked the car while cornering and used Wite Out (sic) to cover it up. If nobody notices, it's not bad is it?

My flight back on Spirit airlines was delayed for three hours. I rounded up a small gang of 8 people to get drunk while waiting. We are the "Legendary Spirit Flight 196". There was an extra half hour delay as 5 indecisive people got on, got off and got on and then got off again. Not sure what that was about. I asked the flight person to make sure they hadn't left any bags behind and, sure enough, they had.

When we finally arrived, there was a 45 minute queue for a taxi, but I walked to the head of the line and split a cab with a money manager from Banco de Brasil. We talked about older women. Typical Brazilian banker.

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