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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Howard Dean: Where to Go From Here

So, we have this massive and effective political movement... we're capable of getting 10-20% of Amerians to vote for someone out of the ordinary, for a vision of transformation of this country.

That's not something to be taken lightly.

The loudest message we will take to Washington is no more corporate welfare:

Small business growth is the best way to create jobs at home, not corporate tax cuts. Which is why I, personally, cannot support the Edwards and Kerry "corporate tax cut system" of creating jobs. Yes, Edwards, Kerry and Bush all think that the best way to help this country is by giving big businesses tax breaks and making ordinary Americans work longer hours to pay for them.

  • We will continue to support his voice and his message.

  • The Dean Machine will take its grassroots organizing power and use it to promote proressive local politicians, senators and congressmen.

  • The Dean Meetups will not stop. We will continue to meet and discuss how to best implement Howard's (and our) vision for America.

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