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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Coneheads and Tofu

I worked on my Dad's website today, set up a coupon system and cleaned up the database. Played Nethack for a bit, and felt slightly guilty for wasting time.

Yvette did yoga, and then bought swimcaps, so we could go to the community pool. I chose silver. Yvette said, "Why silver? So you'll look like a bullet?" I said, "Yeah", but I really picked it because when I learned that you had to wear swimcaps, I looked in at the pool to verify that everyone there was wearing them. The one guy that didn't look awkward was wearing a silver one. I put it on. It made me look like an SNL actor playing an alien. I widened my eyes and peered about, doing my impression of an alien. Yvette said she got me a small/medium because I had a small head. I'd never thought of myself as having a small head, but now, looking in the mirror, I realize that I do. Amazing how you can live 32 years and not notice something like that.

Diane sent us all of Adam's old baby clothes. It was a lot of stuff. More than enough for one baby, it seemed to me. There was a high percentage of duck-themed clothing.

As we started going through them, the whole baby thing seemed even more real than ever before. Perhaps that's the real reason why it takes so long. Nine months is the time it takes for two adults to grow into the idea of caring for a baby. She would pop out sooner, but she's just waiting for us to get our acts together. She kicks when she notices we aren't making progress: "Hey, don't forget to pick out a pediatrician", and "Do you have childcare arranged yet?"

I cooked salted kale and tofu marinated in sesame oil and soy sauce. We watched some of "Winged Migration". The tofu came out great, but the kale was way too salty, which was sad. I ate it anyway, so it wouldn't be wasted.

Yvette gets nauseous when I try to give her vitamins now more than ever, so I've stopped trying. Then again, the level of vitamins I take would make most people nauseous.

She rocked in the glider chair tonight and fell asleep in it. That made me happy. It's a used chair. I found it on craig's list for $50 and carried it from the Upper West Side all the way back to Brooklyn. Yvette said it smelled like old lady, so I scrubbed it and washed it twice.

I put Yvette to bed by reading her book, "Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's first Year". The author is really cynical and is a single mom. I don't think it's good for us to read such an obviously negative book, but I sometimes get tired of censoring things. Baby was kicking a lot tonight, squirming around, etc.

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