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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Google Costumes

The new site I'm working on is Moon Costumes. It's a halloween costumes website with a pretty large selection.
new linux logo
New Linux Logo?

The hard part was converting the CD's full of images i got from the manufacturer.

I used ImageMagick to convert broken images from jpeg to png and back again, and it's apparently lossless and fixes errors in the jpeg that prevent them from being seen in IE. Also used jpegtran to make the images smaller.

It uses Google Checkout as the payment system and SMX as the UI-building language, and PERL as the backend/business-logic language. Postgres for the DB.

So far Google Checkout has proven to be exceedingly complicated and very short on basic features common to most payment systems. Here's some PERL code that was very hard to come by and works great.

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