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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why not pay your doctor a monthly fee?

If you paid your doctor a monthly fee, and then, if you get sick the fee doesn't change, then that would be equivalent to insurance, but your doctor would have incentive to keep you well... instead of the other way around.

Same for hospitals. You should pay a monthly fee to your local hospital, and your doctor, etc. There can be "networks", so paying for your local hospital also gets you in to other participating ones - but there would always be a benefit to being the chosen doctor/hospital.

If it was done this way, hospitals would be competitive - patients could choose from any of their local hospitals to support as their "primary" hospital. And the medical/pharma industry would be busy trying to keep people healthy... instead of trying to keep them sick and on meds (which is what their job is now, essentially).

Providing national taxed and mandatory healthcare - like some people advocate - would only reduce incentive on the part of providers to keep people well. We need to increase that, not reduce it.

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