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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Email Hack Worked in Palin's Favor

Alaskan "Troopergate" investigators had discovered that Gov. Palin had been using private email accounts to ensure she wouldn't be audited or subpoenaed when doing something illegal, and were seeking a warrant for access to these accounts, which at the time of the warrant request, contained over 1000 emails. If Palin had merely deleted these accounts herself... it would be a violation of the law. But now, since the accounts were "compromised" by her 'anonymous' hacker friends, they were simply and promptly deleted by Yahoo, and we will never know what emails they originally held. She was fighting to keep those emails hidden. She even filed to have them locked up using the "executive privilege" law. Soon ater this request was denied, her account was hacked.

Whoever hacked them was probably tricked into doing it and didn't even know they were doing her a favor. And whoever hacked them *needs to come clean* about who tricked them into doing it. This message is *for you*. We cannot have someone like her even near the Whitehouse.... it's too scary.

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