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Friday, September 12, 2008

Google is Asymptotically Approaching Evil

Apparently all of my websites (even my wife's and my son's sites too) have been marked "ignored" by Google because they think (some computer program thinks) that I sell links. This includes my free hosting site, my costume company... everything. I don't sell links and never have, but Google has created a system of judgment without trial or jury. If Google thinks you sell links, they kick your site off the web and there's no one you can complain to and no formal appeals process.

Yes, it's their legal right to do this, I mean... nobody has to use Google. I can just go on trying to conduct business as a web developer without being accorded the same level of importance on their search engine as my competitors.

When you achieve a certain level of power, you also take on a certain level of responsibility and you should operate with a higher level of accountability. Surely the company with the motto "Don't be evil" can understand that?

I think once Google went public, their standards went out the window. Unfortunately, they are still the only game in town.

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