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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

RDU Ripped Off by GC

When general contractors cut corners, it's sometimes seen as "business as usual". But when a GC that's built an airport terminal violated fire codes (foam filler in firewalls?), mislabeled circuits, and exhibited such poor workmanship it could actually jeopardize the safety of travelers, then it's not just a typical incident.

The Raleigh-Durham "Terminal 2" recently opened, and, according to an anonymous source, was initially unable to communicate with some small aircraft on the runway. This problem was quickly resolved by jury-rigging communications equipment. This was just one incident of many where "quick-fixes" have had to be used to get reliable power and communications running at the terminal.

It's expected that airport officials may be filing suit against the GC on workmanship concerns,but that by the time this suit is resolved, the terminal will have been in operation - running in sub-standard conditions and failing many fire and electrical codes - for years.

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