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Monday, December 08, 2008

Tell Congress No to More Theft

The wealthy industrialists that outsource jobs, drive up our deficits and tax us to death must NOT be given trillions more of our hard-earned money.

Congress will, like zombies, write Paulson *another blank check*, stealing from the the poor to pay the rich unless we all start writing our congressmen and Senators.

Please send them an email, click HERE to tell your representatives that if they vote for the bailout.... they've LOST your vote.

And Obama will lose my 2012 vote too if he supports this madness. He may have *already* lost it by supporting Paulson's bill the first time around. But I'm waiting to see if he redeems himself by blocking further corrupt spending.

They want to take trillions of taxpayer dollars away from people and, instead of spending it on job creation (improving infrastructure, education, internet superhighway, new power plants, etc.), they are giving it to Citigroup - a majority SAUDI OWNED COMPANY.

They are taking your money and handing it to the Saudis. Why? Are they getting death threats? And, if so, maybe they should do something about it besides *paying them off*.

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