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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Time Warner Attacks Internet Phone Users

Based on some tests that both me and my friend in NY ran, it looks like Time Warner may have added "internet phone" protocols, such as SIP and RTP to the list of protocols that cause a user to be "dropped" on their network.

When they did it to Shareaza... I didn't care. Shareaza can flood a connection senselessly.

But IP telephony is an entirely legitimate and fairly prudent use of an internet connection.... albeit competitive with Verizon/Time Warner's own products.

On the heels of my "anti net neutrality" post, Time Warner is possibly abusing power HEAVILY to prevent competition.

So, I take it all back. Time Warner should be slapped with fines and prevented from this, if it's true. Ignore my last post. Please go ahead and pass all the laws you want.

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