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Monday, June 08, 2009


Mostly I'm posting this for self-reference since I'm excited about the idea of putting together an OpenEEG system and testing some ideas I have about using EEG to help you remember dreams, but my wife is hollering at me from the other room to come to bed. Ah the irony.

I know Neurosky has a product that's cheaper and available to buy online, but it seems to not be a serious EEG connection. I think you'd need at least a half-dozen electrodes for any kind of useful resolution, and I'm not interested in biofeedback "wave" nonsense. I'm going to do some serious pattern detection in response to stimulus events. Emotiv has a product with at least 2 real electrodes and an API cluttered with lots of facial recognition stuff. But why get those or $300 when I can buy 5 good electrodes for $30? Might even skip the OpenEEG stuff and do my own for now.

Also want to experiment with voltage *generating* (EEG record-replay and subsequent recognition). Not too many people have tried that, and I think it might be interesting.

Hmm... that's it for now.

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