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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Message I sent to the Whitehouse Today

Dear Whitehouse Staff,

I campaigned for both Dean and Obama, and I consider myself the current administrations "core constituency". However, I'm not supporting the current Heath Care Reform bill.

My concerns are as follows:

  • Health insurance should be *insurance* not "manged care".

  • HSA plans cost $80/month for a single person and $300/month for a family including reasonable contributions. This is affordable for most americans.

  • America doesn't need more medication.

  • America doesn't need more doctoring.

  • America doesn't need to spend more money on the "health care" industry.

  • 80% of our health care costs are spent on the last 90 days of life ... this is insanity.

  • Medical professionals have a vested interest in keeping their patients sick - skewing their POV - this is not something you plan on changing..

  • Children in America have been denied education in public schools for failing to take medication.... this policy will only get worse.

  • Please stop catering to big pharma ... they are creepy.

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