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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

msvcr70.dll Official Download How To

I put my old favorite "zwhois" tool on a Vista box, but since it's a fairly old utility, it was looking for "msvcr70.dll", something that isn't on new machines. Knowing that the tool makes very slight and conservative use of the API, I figured it would be an easy download. However, searching for the file from an official source was difficult. And there were tons of "dll download" sites which I didn't trust.

The right thing to download is a "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package" ... most any one will do. Unfortunately, none of them (not even the 2005 one) comes with msvcr70. msvcr71 is close though, and 99% of simple apps will work fine with it (or better) ... unless they rely on some undocumented bugs in order to work.

After copying msvcr71.dll to msvcr70.dll ... the application worked fine. And I didn't have to download from an untrusted source.

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