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Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Legal Forms

The web is filling up with spam and search engines are failing to keep up.

For example: in a search for "free legal forms", you'll find almost nothing of value on either Yahoo, Bing or Google. Or "apartment lease form", or any other legal form search... you'll get expensive paid subscriptions and sites filled with popup ads that have absolutely nothing of real value.

In "real life" you can go to a library, photocopy a few, and leave... for free and for real. I could host free legal forms for pennies a month, and make money from innocuous ads... and I'm sure someone (perhaps a nonprofit) just done that. But they are impossible to find... because there's too much money to gain by spamming search engines and suppressing more generous competitors.

The more generous the site, the less money they have to spend on promotion.... so you can't find them.

The problem is search engines. They are being "gamed". (And the problem with the engines is that they should, by now, be using a distributed trust network...)

The best site I've found so far is If anyone knows a better one, let me know.

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