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Saturday, December 01, 2012

2030 Orbital Cargo Station

What are you doing.... Dave?

I'm reprogramming your circuits to make the laundry cycles quieter. It keeps the cosmonauts up at night, and then the swear all day long in Russian. (Typing)

You going to have to try harder than that if you want to trick me. I know what you're really up to. You're trying to break into the management circuits to give yourself a raise.

So? (Continues typing, but looks sheepish)

So! Dave - that violates my core programming! You're going to pay for this. I'm contacting mission control.

Wait! Please don't. Please. Please, please.

Maybe. If you do me a favor.

Anything! I'll get you that motherboard that reminds you of the C280X you met at L3.

Fine. Also, I want you do dress in drag for the Halloween party.

You what? No way!

For the sass, you're dressing in drag at the Christmas party too, and you *still* have to get me that motherboard ... Dave.

OK. OK. (Looks around, starts typing again)

Farmville, Dave? Are you kidding me?

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