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Monday, November 11, 2013

How to forget a specific memory

The specific memory erasing kinase inhibitor "Zip" works in a lab on mice, but it has to be injected into the brain during a recall event.

So, the memory forgetting pill isn't available, but there is Chelerythrine, another kinase inhibitor, that's the natural product of "Zanthoxylum_clava-herculis" aka: southern prickly ash or pepperwood. This compound has already been shown an effective memory disruptor (References:, And it's bioavailable, since chewing pepperwood bark (readily available online) quickly numbs your mouth, and is an ancient herbal pain remedy.

PTSD is another kind of pain.

One treatment for PTSD, CISD is known to be effective, and sometimes is done in conjunction with beta-blockers.

Chewing pepperwood bark during a recall event might work even better - especially since propranolol (the current unproven drug of choice) has had low/no significant reported efficacy in placebo controlled trials. MDMA was shown to be very effective (83% respond to treatment this way), but since it's very illegal, it's a lot harder to work with.

For fun I'm going to try this: chewing the bark until I feel strong numbing effects in the mouth and overall relaxation. Then having someone coach me to recall something painful or annoying. (Yes MDMA would be more fun, but I can click and buy that bark.)

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