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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Latest Printable Firearm Kit From DefDist

Printable automatic weapons? DIY genome editing?

We've come to a point in our evolution as a species where it's not possible to limit the "things" people can obtain. What's more important is creating a world where people have no reason to do harm.

"Well there's no way to guarantee that". Sure. But we allow corporations to draft zoning laws so that people have to drive further to work and so that public transportation remains a failure in most cities. We also allow gross wealth inequity. We try to con mothers into abandoning breast feeding (yes, this still happens, I witnessed it a couple weeks ago), and when that doesn't work we make it as difficult as possible for families to spend time with their kids.

When the majority of the population is stuck in a perpetual state of inadequacy, when the society is structured around things like "employment" and not "enjoyment", it's not surprising that violence seems a means to an end.

A more radical transformation of society, where from birth a nation's citizens feel nurtured, loved and supported would probably go further to prevent violence than "gun laws" possibly could.

If only 10% of the people in America went to work, or if we worked only 10% of the time, we could, with the technology we have, produce all the food, shelter and goods needed for every citizen to live a decent middle class lifestyle. But the focus is not on creating awesome lifestyles. The focus is on more expensive stuff for the few stakeholders that got in early in the pyramid scheme that is capitalism.

We continue to blame the weapon, and not the society that produces it's wielder.

You download printable firearms here:

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