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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Locate a Page on Google

LocatePage is tool that allows you to search google and yahoo's search results. Hmm... wait a second, isn't that the same as searching them directly? No. You can search for say "books" and then search *within the first 1000 results* for a subquery.

One of the primary uses, clearly intended by the author, is for finding out the popularity of a given site for a given search term. I think Submit-It used to do this, but they no longer exist, apparently. (Microsoft ran them into the ground, yet another perfectly good internet company ruined by an acquisition.)

For example this site ( is listed in the first couple pages of both Yahoo and Google for the search term "homemade deodorant". A dubious distinction at best.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

FTP Account Splitter

Spent a few hours and created a service called FTP Split. Basically it allows a couple friends of mine to divide up their FTP accounts, and give away passwords to people.

Sub-users can log in and only have access to a certain directory.

Or you can create a "read only" user, which can be used to post anonymous ftp:// urls to the web without publishing your real password.

It's useful, and I couldn't find anything else remotely like it. If you find it useful, please let me know.


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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Eurotrip and Memebot status update

Well, we're one month into our 3 months of living in Europe.

I'm taking an online German course, which has already helped a bit. All my old web tools, like Google and Craigslist aren't very useful here. Try Berliner Stadtplan instead of Google maps. I still haven't found Craigslist or Yellow Pages replacements (we use paper for a phone directory, yuck).

Today I said to Noakai, at 14 months, "How do you like the trip so far?" And he looked at me, and then got sort of shy and played with his feet. I said, "I don't really talk to you eye to eye like I used to when you were a little baby. I just read books to you, or point thing out, or try to teach you things." Then he started laughing and handed his crocodile book to me.

I guess even one year olds don't seem to go for the "heart to heart" stuff. But, I'm going to keep trying. Maybe over the next few months I can make up for it by being realy honest with him, telling him what's on my mind, etc.

Because of my contract with the people who acquired ZoneEdit, I've had to stop advertising for Memebot, adding new features, etc. So the site's on autopilot. Seems OK for now.

I might have to close it for new sites, if it gets abused in a way that isn't already secured against. Dozens of people try to abuse and ruin that site every day. Maxim of human nature: the more generous you are with people, the more you have to police them and be strict about the rules to avoid abuse.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Launched a new free weblog hosting service

I created a free weblog hosting service called Memebot.

RSS aggregators are doing a poor job, and I think the reason why is that there needs to be lot more collaboration going on as to what the definition of "something worth reading" is for a user. In other words, I filter through too much junk before I read what I want, and I shouldn't have to do that.

Memebot doesn't actually do this yet, but it will.

For now, it's a free, full featured web hosting system, with support for arbitrary CGI programs, and FTP accounts. It's way the hell better than anyone's getting at Geocities, and better than most people get when they pay $5 per month.

The goal is to load up a few thousand sites and then cap the free program and tweak the Memebot AI until it's producing what I need to produce.

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