Distributed Protest Density Calculator

This calculator was designed for New York, with crosstown blocks per mile, and short blocks per mile, but if you can figure out the square miles of your protest by using a map, then you can still use it.

Enter the number of short blocks: and the number of crosstown (long) blocks:

Enter the number of square miles:

Enter the number of expected protestors, if known:

Enter the density ranking*:

* Optimal density is 600 protestors per square mile. This is like having 1 protestor on every corner (4 per intersection x 100 intersections per sq mile), with 1 or so walking between blocks at the same time (175 connecting streets per sq mile). This is a conservative/non-crowded protest with a massive impact. We consider it safe, since the police can't possibly corral or harass such a diffuse group of people

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